Life-Saving technology that watches you when you can’t.

Preventing death from Sleep Apnea, one watch at a time.

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The Life-Saving App That Watches You When You Can’t.

Fast Support

If the alarm isn’t turned off, alerts will be sent to your loved ones. It will then dial first responders in case of an emergency.

Heart Tracking

Vesta is an app that will track your miles ran and heart rate while you’re exercising or sleeping. An alert will popup on your wearable and phone if your heart rate is abnormal.


Your Information is secure.


Vesta will be available for Apple Watches and Garmin. Coming soon for Fitbit.

Quick Overview

Vesta, on a basic level, is an app that integrates with an Apple Watch and other wearable devices to detect heart rate. But we intend for it to lead the way for wearable technology saving lives.Vesta was developed after Bryan Lorden, our CEO, lost a friend who was only 32 years old in September 2015 to sleep apnea. Bryan Lorden also suffers from obstructive sleep apnea…

Lowest fees in market
Patented Functions
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Built on a robust and powerful platform

A reliable platform built to watch when you cant.

Android & IOS Compatible

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